You Won’t Believe These Six Amazing Sky Blues Name Mix-Ups!

Former Sky Blues striker Dele Adebola was in the news again recently when confused Twitter users interpreted his surname as evidence that he was suffering from killer disease Ebola. And incredibly, the burly Nigerian sharpshooter is just the latest in … Continue reading

10 Reasons to Go to Sixfields Next Season

With the new season kicking off next month, there’s little sign of the Sky Blues returning home to the Ricoh, and another season at Sixfields beckons. Unsure whether to go to “home” games in Northampton or not? Here’s a handy list of reasons to help you decide – if one or more apply to you, feel free to go to support SISU at Sixfields! If none of them apply to you, congratulations – you’re still a true Sky Blue.


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That’s Wrong! With Tim Fisher

Coventry City’s much-loved CEO Tim Fisher is not a man to stand for any nonsense, and has a finely-tuned sense of wrong and right. So when SISU were battered in court by a High Court judge this week, Fisher didn’t mince his words. “We believe it is wrong in law and in fact” said the now-bearded business genius. “I have no doubt that this will be heard in the Court of Appeal in front of three very senior judges.”

Impressed by Fisher’s challenging of the status quo and his refusal to accept facts considered undeniable by others, we asked him for his opinions on other widely-held beliefs, and we expected – and got! – fireworks.

Tim Fisher

“The world is round you say? I believe that is wrong in both law and fact”

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“SISU an Inspiration” – Cellini

Controversial new Leeds Utd owner Massimo Cellini has claimed that hedge fund SISU are his “biggest inspiration” in football. The colourful Sicilian, who was recently found guilty of fraud in his native Italy, told us that he had almost given up on his dream of owning an English football club when he read a newspaper article about the Coventry City owners.

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