Sky Blue Daily Digest 26 July 2013

It’s an ANGRY Daily Digest today, as Jordan Clarke talks anger management, the Football League get torn a new one, and SISU make thousands more enemies…

Fisher feels the wrath of the Bees

Fisher feels the wrath of the Bees

SISU Poke the Bees’ Nest

Clearly not content with just pissing off Coventry’s football fans, SISU have now turned their attention to speedway by announcing their intention to purchase Brandon Stadium & turn it into the Sky Blues’ new home, despite the absence of surrounding infrastructure, the approval of the relevant council (Rugby), or any sense of reason or logic. Just to add more spice to an already incredible story, the stadium is currently being investigated by HMRC, who have made it a frozen asset due to money laundering allegations against the wonderfully named Micky Singh, a professional gambler who claims to own 50% of it. Given those credentials, it’s surprising he doesn’t already work for SISU.

Jordan: The Comeback

Young Sky Blues defender Jordan Clarke reveals that his anger at initially being frozen out by Stephen Pressley motivated him to win back his place in the squad. Of course, his recall has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that City have no other defenders left.

League of Gentle Men

This article from the excellent 200% blog may be 3 weeks old, but it angrily and passionately articulates what many of us feel about the spineless pen-pushers at the Football League, and their eagerness to kowtow to casino capitalists like SISU.



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