Sky Blue Daily Digest 9 August 2013

Northampton in revolt, the SISU effect, a look back at the High Court ruling, and Sunday’s Legends team is unveiled. Get digesting!

python old women

Northampton Residents are Revolting

The Northampton Chronicle reports that a local residents association will be discussing possible disruption & traffic caused by CCFC games at Sixfields next week. I’m sure their fears will be put to rest once they see how few people bother to turn up on Sunday. In other exciting Northampton news: Former Big Brother contestant and Benidorm actor to appear in Northampton panto; Former Northampton dry cleaners to become supermarket; Dumped cat crisis; and Woman seen performing ‘sex act’ on man. It’s all happening!

Well Played SISU, Well Played

ITV reports that City’s season ticket sales are down an impressive 90% on last year, with only around 500 sold compared to 6000 this time in 2012. I wonder if SISU’s laughably-titled “Development Director” Steve Waggott is involved in this? No idea who the 500 are but they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Judge Fudge

Our favourite “real football” blog 200% once again goes where the mainstream media fear to tread and takes a thorough look at Monday’s High Court ruling against SISU. The Guardian article on the whole affair that David Conn assured me would appear shortly is still conspicuous by its absence, though they do find space on their homepage to report that Beyonce has had a haircut.

I Am Legend

The Cov Telegraph has revealed the full lineup of the Sky Blue Legends side who will play in Sunday’s charity match at the Ricoh. As well as the previously mentioned messrs Huckerby, Bennett, Gibson & Whelan, the side will also include Bobby Gould, Dean Emerson, Steve Froggatt, Marcus Hall, Dietmar Bruck, Terry Fleming, Ian Goodwin, Claus Jørgensen & Peter Hormantschuk. I have no idea who Ian Goodwin is but I hope he’s a goalkeeper, otherwise they’ll be a tad vulnerable at the back by the looks of it. But hope you’ll all go along & show your support on Sunday.



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